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Dear Winter...Thank You!

Winter Eye's

Dear Winter,

Generally when you’re thought of, Christmas is filled with White snow, the driveway needs shoveling, the car needs defrosting both inside and out, the roads are covered with salt, highways are crowded with accidents, pipes are freezing and bursting causing problems in homes, and a slip and fall on the ice is definitely what’s next. This winter has shown us that the most important feature on a person to take note of is their eye’s. It’s their eye’s because once they’re dressed, and ready to address you, Winter, that’s all you’ll see. I won't say that I'm miserable in your arms but I will say that I'm annoyed and uncomfortable. Now, that doesn't mean that I like Summer more, it just means that during freezing conditions like these, I tend to miss her more. Winter, please don't take this the wrong way, but this year, I wouldn't be terribly hurt if you went away for a few months.

Goodness, it’s cold!

Thank you, Winter! Really appreciate it!

Dear Winter,

For the Elites, Winter, is Summer. For us, Winter presents an open opportunity for a luxuriously fantastic winter vacation at an exclusive resort filled with the best of it all, organized and fulfilled by our private Padalelux, La Societe D’elite. Winter, we will open up doors to glorious luxury. Winter, we will satisfy our palates with private dining. Winter, the water is warm where we are because our pool is indoors. Winter, the slopes are perfect, so says the full length smile on my face, as my eyes are protected by goggles. And Winter, while you can’t enjoy these immaculate luxury’s, these fine cuisines, these upscale luxury retail shops, this 5 Star Resort, this indoor pool, this exclusive night life, these private social gatherings, or these perfect ski slopes, your assistance has been greatly appreciated. Frankly, we wish that you could stay longer. Who hurriedly arranged your three month stay, anyway? Shame! Next year, let La Societe D'elite make your arrangements. They'll be sure to keep you around longer, Winter, trust me, I've seen their work.

Thank you, Winter! From all of us here in paradise.

Until next year.

Yours Truly,

Members of La Societe D'elite

Here are the top five luxury resorts around the world. For those that know Winter, like La Societe D'elite knows Winter, enjoy.

St. Moritz Switzerland

St. Moritz is the most renowned luxury winter resort in Switzerland. Located in the middle of the Valley of Engadin, on the shores of lake Lej da San Murezzan, this jewel of the Swiss Alps is an exclusive winter resort that boast spectacular ski trails and features luxury boutiques of well-known designers, restaurants with excellent cuisine, and 5 Star Resorts with breathtaking views. For these accommodations one has to book in advance. One of the best resorts at St. Moritz is the Badrutt's Palace Hotel. While staying at this historic luxury hotel enjoy a cinema, disco, ski school, indoor pool, and take your pick from one of their 7 uniquely designed restaurants that captures the cuisine and atmosphere of it’s culture.

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina d'Ampezzo is surrounded by Dolomites and is located in the immediate vicinity of 87 ski trails. From December to February many from the privileged Italian society spend their winters in the sunny resorts in the south. The most popular hotel is the Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina, an ideal place to blend with the prestigious and athletic glory and the idyllic scenery from dusk til dawn. At this mountain lodge, Rosa Alpina, each room has a uniquely wooden personality as they are immaculately designed with wooden furniture. Rosa Alpina features fine dining and starred cuisines for a new tasting experience at St. Hubertus. There is also a sanatorium bliss from the Daniele Steiner chain with numerous relaxation treatments.

Chamonix, France

This Elite resort in Eastern France, Chamonix, is ​​built at the foot of Mont Blanc, the second-largest European mountain and sits near the Italian border. The city hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924 and is globally recognized by the unofficial rankings of the most popular ski resorts in the world. This resort has one of the longest trails, the 8-mile Vallee Blanche, and a height difference of 2,800 meters. Tourists usually stay at the lavish L'Imperial Palace Hotel, located between Lake Annecy and the alpine massif. The hotel resembles a fairytale castle, and is decorated with carefully groomed gardens and grandiose architecture. At the Palace, enjoy everything from fine dining to a good workout in their elaborate gym. Or sit around the craps table in the casino before spoiling yourself at their cosmetic salon.

Aspen, Colorado USA

Aspen is so globally recognized that it is considered the winter playground for the Elites. Consistently ranked in the top two of the most expensive rentals and single family real estate properties, Aspen is a jewel and a top destination for weddings. This winter vacation destination is routinely visited by Royalty, celebrities, Dignitaries, and politicians. Aspen is famous for its slopes on four separate mountains and of course, fashion. If you choose to come to Aspen your premiere choice for luxurious accommodations is St .Regis. This sprawling hotel is built at the foot of Mount Aspen and features a host of benefits. With a friendly, professional, and courteous staff, well-manicured grounds, a great location next to restaurants and shops, and plush suites, brace yourself for a truly magnificent experience.

Lech, Austria

An exclusive destination for Jetsetters and Elites. Global Elites like Boris Becker, Vladimir Putin, Princess Diana and members of the Prince's Royal family from Monaco have all vacationed at this premier retreat. Lech is exclusively reserved with only 14,000 passes per day. This gem of Austria presents carefully maintained ski runs that guarantee short transport lines. Access and preferred treatment is given to the guests of Gasthof Post, an exclusive 5-Star luxury hotel. With only 46 generously appointed and scripted rooms and suites you can’t go wrong with either accommodating design. Enjoy a tastefully and finely furnished traditional and rustic or innovative and modernly designed room to assist in exclamating your Lech experience.

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