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Luxury and Opulence Personified, “ELITE” By Definition

A Padalelux For The Most Elite Among Us

Luxury and expensive things have always been symbols of wealth and prestige, and even the simplest things can be done luxuriously. Being surrounded by luxury provides a place of comfort, the feeling of security, and can lay the foundation for a carefree life. Many business CEO's, the richest entertainment stars, and the most successful athletes use La Societe D'elite, a Global Padalelux and Private Concierge Service to assist them in supplying a gratifying stress free life filled with seamless ease and global access . Villas, cars, jewelry, watches, exclusive fashion brands, yachts, award shows , or premiere travel accommodations are just some of the prestigious symbols of people who demand an Elite lifestyle. La Societe D'elite's Personal Concierge service aims to supply our members with their hearts desires. This text will highlight 4 of the most luxurious and opulent pleasures in the world that are available to many of these Elites.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

If you are wondering if there is a hotel whose luxury and opulence can not be compared to other hotels and whose staff meets absolutely all your wishes, the answer is simple - Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. This incredible building with seven stars and in the shape of a sail is unique in all things. In its offer, there are no classic rooms, but only extremely high-end opulent apartments on two floors equipped with the most expensive and the most luxurious appliances. The interior is, as well as the exterior, unique and it is adorned by 1,790 square meters of pure gold, and the heliport, Rolls Royce cars, and it's butlers are just some of the things that are available for guests 24/7.

Villa of King Leopold II

A perfect luxury house or villa is certainly an integral part of the life of the rich people. There are many expensive luxury houses in the world, but King Leopold II's villa in France definitely stands out because of its incredible architecture and a dizzying high price. This luxurious villa is located on the French Riviera and it was being built from the 1830s until the beginning of the 20th century. Ten sleeping rooms, ballroom, several swimming pools (including the Olympic pool) and one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe are just some of the component parts that adorn this imposing estate. The current owner of the estate is Suzanne Marnier Lapostol, although it is being sold for an incredible $ 1 billion since 2016

Eclipse Yacht

Life of a millionaire, and for sure a billionaire, is not complete if there is no expensive yacht in his collection of expensive items. Roman Abramovic is known for his luxurious lifestyle, so it is not surprising that he has one of the most expensive yachts in the world, which is privately owned. Eclipse is a mega-yacht that has absolutely everything from the pool with Havana Bar, library, cinema and huge apartments, and even 2 heliports and 20 water jets. This imposing yacht has 9 decks and a special security system, so it is considered the safest yacht in the world that has ever been made and it truly represents the refinement of luxury.

Ferrari Pinifarina Sergio Car

Ferrari Pinifarina Sergio is much more than an ordinary mean of transport, it is a work of art on wheels. This car is made by the famous Pinifarina design house and is actually the Ferrari 458 Spider, but with a brand new interior and body. It was made in only 6 copies, but it cannot be bought by anyone. Ferrari has personally selected 6 lucky buyers of this artwork.

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