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Why we're committed, to you.

My name is Mark Sanford and after 20 years in professional basketball I've decided to assist individuals by offering a one-stop-shop to affordable luxuries like auto, home, commercial, and life insurance. The name Padalelux is an acronym for the French phrase "Partnaire Dans Le Luxe, which translates in English to "Partner in luxury."


Throughout my 20 years in professional basketball and my subsequent years afterwards I've been fortunate to experience so many fantastic personal and professional luxuries that allow for me and my family to sleep peacefully at night. Luxuries like affordable quality auto insurance, affordable quality home insurance, affordable quality protections and insurances for our businesses and our customers, and perhaps most importantly, affordable life insurance and financial products for my wife Rachel, our two healthy children Sutton and Stiles, and myself, that could last for generations.


These affordable insurances, protections, and securities are what the true definition of "luxury" are really all about. These simple luxuries allow for me to put away a small amount of money today for both of our little ones so that over the coming years it grows into college tuition for our kids at 18, or becomes funds for their living expenses at 29, if they so choose. In another area, a small amount today for Rachel will become financial security for her at age 59 1/2.


These affordable luxuries will allow for me to have a second retirement at 65 years old, that will in nearly every way be better than my first retirement following 20 years of professional basketball, at 41 years old. These simple luxuries lay the foundation for "peace of mind" for "our" family. We would love to assist you by providing avenues to insure, protect, and secure "your" family today, and for generations to come. These are the luxuries Padalelux Insurance, your partner in luxury, want to share and assist you with.

How can we assist you and your family?

The decision you make today will provide affordable luxuries for you and your family. Please, let us know.

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